Hall of fame


When you submit content, you will earn badges, which appear on your profile page and in connection with your account.

Badge Gold
Gold Badges are rare and given only to experts. You will have to actively work toward these. They’re something of an accomplishment.
Badge Silver
Silver badges are awarded for longer term goals. Silver badges are uncommon, but definitely attainable if you’re interested.
Badge Bronze
Bronze badges are awarded when users add projects, companies, and photos. These badges are easy to earn by constant use.
Architecture Connoisseur
Rated 1000 objects
Received at least ten '10' votes on own photo
Blazing Streak
Has contributed for the last 100 days
Burning Streak
Has contributed for the last 25 days
Director of Rankings
In charge of official publications of lists
Served on the Phorio Board of Directors
Experienced Editor
Added 1000 objects
Uploaded photos in 100 cities
Contributed 250 days in the past year
Forum Buzzard
Wrote 50 messages in the last 12 months
Founding Member
With Phorio since its beginning
Full-Fledged Member
Completed profile settings
Added objects in 25 countries
Height Hound
Added 50 building heights from blueprints
Height Puppy
Added 10 building heights from blueprints
Hot Streak
Has contributed for the last 10 days
Received helpfulness comments from 5 members
Image Connoisseur
Rated 1000 images
Link Builder
Added 1000 weblinks
Link Master
Added 10,000 weblinks
Master Editor
Added 25,000 objects
Master Photographer
Has 100 photos with an average vote of 9 or higher
Photo Dragon
Uploaded 25,000 images
Photo Eagle
Uploaded 1000 images
Photo Tiger
Uploaded 10,000 images
Power User
Visited the site 100 days in a row
Professor of Engineering
Has added data in 100 different data fields
Received helpfulness comments from 10 members
Senior Editor
Added 10,000 objects
Has personally met 10 other members
Added 50,000 data fields
Translated 1000 texts in own language
Uploaded photos in 10 countries
World Super-Traveler
Uploaded photos in 50 countries
World Traveler
Uploaded photos in 25 countries
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