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Phorio is a platform for the management of information on built objects. Here you can identify, analyze, exchange and coordinate data.

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Great CoveragePhorio is the world's database on buildings.

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Updates 24/7Projects are added and updated around the clock.

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Property Database Analytics

The Research System on Buildings

With Phorio you can research, manage, and coordinate information about buildings. Control how your data is used or make it universally accessible and useful.

  • Explore market segments
  • Find projects and companies by your criteria
  • Evaluate potential business partners
  • Export data in common formats
  • Import your own projects
  • Compare your data with Phorio
  • Download all your projects with images
  • Add missing buildings and photos

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The online tools allow users and companies a wide variety of options for submitting, downloading or analyzing information.

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Why Phorio is the best way to exchange information on buildings and real estate
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    Phorio has reliable tools for exchanging project data and finding out what my business partners do.

    Peter Salostowitz, FRICS
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    Phorio is the world's biggest and best database about major projects with more than 400,000 tall buildings.

    Daniel Kieckhefer
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    I use Phorio for finding out which buildings are planned in Asia and South America. It works.

    Steve Breem
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    Thank you for this great system. Here I can discuss with the community and share my data.

    John Cahill, AIA
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    I am especially interested in mainland China and Hong Kong. With Phorio I have all projects at my fingertips.

    Edward Chang
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    With Phorio I can manage the reference projects of our company and share them with the world.

    Natalie Legrand

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Responsive Layout

Powerful Layout with Responsive functionality that can be adapted to any screen size.

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Looks beautiful & ultra-sharp on Retina Displays with Retina Icons, Fonts & Images.

Powerful Performance

Optimized search and querying that deliver unmatched fast performance in almost real time.

Meet the Experts

Get in contact with Phorio members to discuss, attend local meetups, or ask for their help.


You can focus on content that matters to you. You have unlimited customizable areas.


Get informed when new projects are added or when something happens in your area of interest.

Submit information

You can not just only consume data but also manually submit or automatically feed data into Phorio.

Huge media archive

Access hundreds of thousands of documents with photos, renderings, plans, and specs.

Extensive Documentation

We have covered each & everything in our Documentation including screenshots.