Everything about Buildings.

With Phorio you can manage and coordinate data on built objects.

Be part of the Puzzle

The researchers belonging to Phorio love buildings and correct data. In the last years the whole team has built the world's biggest and best database about buildings with the help of thousands of companies from many industries. We are proud of it.

Our members get free access to sophisticated tools, can join the discussion with researchers, and can help to add or correct information. Join now! It's free.

Manual editing

Automation matters

Manually collecting information is not enough anymore. There are simply too many changes taking place anywhere on earth. And users often fail to exchange or coordinate data on specific objects.

Phorio has learnt what the inefficiencies are for anyone in dealing with information exchange and we are now trying to fix these problems with sophisticated automation tools.

Automation tools

Use Business Tools

Using editing tools, companies can manage their projects, upload photos, and make their portfolio of projects and services available to a large audience. Join now! It's free.

The automation tools allow companies to coordinate on data records, easily import and export data given by their own criteria. This way anyone always has the latest and most complete data.

Analytical tools